Accessing Ontario Student Records (OSR) & Transcripts (OST)

Ontario Student Records and Ontario Student Transcripts are standardized methods to track and document students' academic progress.

Ontario Student Records (OSR)

By law and according to Regulation 38/73 of the Ministry of Education, Ontario Student Records (OSR) are maintained at the school.

Parents/guardians of a student, who has not reached the age of majority (18 years), can examine their child's record. The record is also available for the information and use of supervisory officers, the Principal, and teachers of the school for the improvement of instruction of the student. The record is not available to any other person without written consent.

Ontario Student Transcripts (OST)

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is a record of credits attempted and completed. The OST:

    • Records all Grade 9 and 10 courses successfully completed by the student, with percentage grades obtained and credits earned

    • Records all Grade 11 and 12 courses completed or attempted by the student, with percentage grades obtained and credits earned. (An exception to this is for Grade 12 students who, with the Principal's permission, delete a course within 5 school days of a mid-term report being issued)

    • Identifies compulsory credits, including credits that are substitutions for compulsory credits identified by the Ministry as diploma requirements

    • Confirms whether the student has completed 40 hours of Community Involvement and whether the student has successfully completed the provincial secondary school literacy test

    • Includes any records of achievement for exceptional students

For additional information about OSR or OST documents, you can contact the school's office.