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Award Programs

Students who are graduating can apply for the following awards. Please note that many of the posted dates may change slightly from year to year. For additional information, students can contact the Guidance Department.

Applications Due Before Graduation

Scholarship/Award/Bursary Eligibility Due Date
Canadian Merit Scholarship
Foundation - Loran Award
University only, grades and additional criteria
Mid October
Horatio Alger
Ontario Scholarship Program
College & University, additional criteria
End of October
TD Canada Trust
Scholarships for Community Leadership
College & University, additional criteria required
End of November
Father Ted Colleton
College & University, essay required
Father Ted Colleton Scholarship Program
End of November
Violet Richardson Award /
Soroptimist for Volunteering
Females only, essay required
Violet Richardson Award
Mid November
Fireside Bible Publishers College & University, essay required
Early December 
Schulich Leader Scholarship
University only in the area of STEM. Only one student can be nominated by school. 
Must submit documentation to Guidance if seeking school nomination.
Early January to Guidance
BK (Burger King) Scholars College & University
January 10
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship College & University, evidence of environmental activity or leadership
January 31
Hal Rogers Endowment
College & University
February 1
Terry Fox Humanitarian
College & University, additional criteria required
February 1

Garfield Weston College only
March 29
Tom Tittel Memorial Award College & University, Post secondary applicants in the social services (child care, teacher, social worker)
See Guidance
March 31
OFSAA Alumni Scholarship
Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni
Brian Maxwell Memorial
OFSAA Alumni (Rotating Regions)
College & University, male & female athletes going into post secondary
April 1
Knights of Columbus Bursary College & University, family connection to the Knights organization is required
See Guidance
April 12
Baptie Fund Bursary College & University, Residents of Cavan/Millbrook/North Monaghan April 13
Colonel Douglas Gunter
History Award
College & University, $1,000 awards
Original work in Art, Web Design or Video
April 15
Unifor Scholarships College & University, essay required
April 15
Whipper "Billy" Watson
College only, students with physical disabilities
April 27
Aird Scholarship College only, students with physical disabilities
April 29
Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Bursary College & University, post secondary applicants who are members of the OHF
April 29
Kiwanis Club College & University, two awards of $1,000
Academic - post secondary applicant
Music - post secondary applicant
See Guidance
May 15

Fairhaven Foundation College & University, graduating students who have volunteered at Fairhaven, application in Guidance May 22
4 -H Agricultural Bursary College & University, students entering Agricultural College or University of Guelph/Agriculture May 28
Land of Shining Waters College & University, resident of Peterborough County, demonstrate financial need, application in Guidance May 28
Harry Jerome Scholarship College & University, financial need, Afro Canadian heritage May 30
Maurice Izzard Award College & University, students with physical disabilities
May 30

Stacey Levitt Scholarship for
College & University, athletic involvement & participation
May 31
Conservation Foundation
McCulloch Scholarship
College & University, post secondary studies in Biology or Environmental Field, must be nominated 
See Guidance
June 1
R. L. Beck Bursary College & University, post secondary studies in Chemistry, Biological Sciences & studies related to water. Offered alternate years. Check with Guidance June 1
Kiwanis Club of the
Kawarthas Scholarship
College & University, application in Guidance June 15
OTIP/RAEO Academic
College & University, dependent of someone insured through OTIP, entering first year
June 15
Peterborough Sports Hall of
Fame Scholarship
College & University, application in Guidance June 15
RBC Amateur Hockey
College & University, minor hockey or high school players graduating & going to post secondary
June 15
Aiming for the Top Tuition
College & University, apply on OSAP form and check website as due date can change. June 18
Keene Lions Club College & University, resident of Otonabee Township June 19
Canadian Golf Foundation College & University, references from Golfing community 
June 30
Gerry Carey College & University, at least 2 years in Peterborough Minor Hockey including Jr. B., application in Guidance June 30
Harry S. Gairey Memorial
University only, must be of Afro-Canadian heritage June 30
National Union Scholarships College & University, essay required, for students whose parents are members of OPSEU or CUBGW Unions
June 30
National Union Scholarships College & University, dependents of National Union
June 30
Ontario Hostelry Institute College & University, entry into Hospitality programs
June 30
Wally Beavis Memorial
University only, must have played at least 6 years
Peterborough Minor Hockey, application in Guidance
June 30

Applications Due After Graduation

Royal Canadian Legion Scholarship College & University, children & grandchildren of Legion members and / or war veterans See Guidance June 30
Peterborough Professional
Hockey Alumni Bursary
College & University, awards of $1,000, male & female winners, applicants must have played a minimum of two years of high school hockey
See Guidance
July 15
Landmark & Associate
College & University, residents of Douro Dummer Township for any post secondary program August 1
Enbridge Consumers Gas College only, entrance into gas technician program
See Guidance
August 15
Johnson Scholarships College & University, members, employees & dependents of Johnson Incorporated August 31
CAW Bursary College & University, financial need
September 1
Frank Marek Earth Day Scholarship Open to Grade 12 students in Ontario, essay required September 10
Norwood Agriculture Award College & University, graduate of Norwood elementary schools, going on in field of Agriculture September 15
RBC Royal Bank Financial Lifeskills Scholarship College & University, accepted into University or College with 65% or better, application at, applications postmarked no later than May 12 September 15
Shaw Memorial Scholarship University only, agriculture programs at University of Guelph September 20

Peterborough Lakers Lacrosse College & University, former Minor Lacrosse participants, male & female, apply during first semester at post secondary
January 28