Admission and Registration

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How to Register: Students in All Grades

Please complete the online registration and submit the grade appropriate course selection sheet (below) along with the other documents listed.  Guidance will be in touch with you once the online registration is submitted and the entire package of supporting documents is received.  Information on the Pre A.P. Math and English programs and our new JR SEAL program can be found below.  

The registration deadline for the upcoming school year is February 14, 2024.

Please note that receipt of package is not confirmation of registration.  Completed documents can be emailed to Cheryl Johnston in Guidance, at 

Step 1:   

Your student attends a non-PVNC school:  Parents/Guardians wishing to register their student for the upcoming school year are invited to complete the registration online at  

Your student attends a PVNC school: For Grade 8 students who attend our PVNC feeder elementary schools, please log into the parent portal and complete the Internal Transfer form.  Current PVNC secondary school students, also complete the Internal Transfer Form, located in the parent portal.  In BOTH cases, be sure to click on the student's name ( or the form will be blank) and do not complete the entire registration form, just the internal transfer form.

Step 2: 

Please submit the following documents via the email above or by dropping the complete package at the Guidance office:

Grade 8 Students


Current Secondary Students

Grade Specific Forms- please select the appropriate form for your child:

Grade 9      Grade 9 Course Selection 2024/2025

Grade 10   Gr 10 Course Selection Sheet 2024/2025

Grade 11     Grade 11 Course Selection 2024/2025

Grade 12     Grade 12 Course Selection 2024/2025

Step 3: 

Wait to hear from the Guidance Department regarding next steps.

Please note that dropping off or completing an online registration package does not indicate a student has been registered.  We will be in touch after Guidance and Administration have had a chance to review the package to let you know if a timetable can be build for your student.  

Pre-Advanced Placement Mathematics and English Applications - for Grade 8 students

At St Peter, our Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre A.P.) English and Mathematics programs start in Grade 10. However, we do offer some enrichment opportunities for Grade 9 students who are interested in these programs.  If your Grade 8 student would like to apply for these opportunities as they wait for our Grade 10 Pre-Advanced Placement English or Mathematics program, please complete and submit this Pre A.P. application package with the rest of the registration package. 

In addition, Pre A.P. students who live out of district, are often interested in spending their Grade 9 year at St Peter.  If your student is accepted into the program, they can be granted out of boundary permission to attend their Grade 9 year at St Peter, while they await the start of the A.P. program, in Grade 10.

If your Gr 8 student would like to apply for our Grade 9 Pre A.P. enrichment opportunities in hopes of joining  our Gr 10 Pre A.P.  English or Mathematics program, please complete and submit this Pre A.P. application package with the rest of your registration package.  

All sections of the application, including teacher recommendation and written submission, must be completed and returned by February 14, 2024.  Students are welcome to apply for BOTH Pre A.P. English and Pre A.P. Mathematics, or just one of the programs.  Families will be contacted in April with admission decisions.

English  Pre A.P. English Application Package

Mathematics  Pre A.P. Mathematics Application Package

Jr SEAL Program and Hockey Focus

Interested students can contact the Physical Education Department through this Google Form: 

Our Jr SEAL program and hockey focus Phys. Ed. class officially begins in grade 10. This allows grade 9s to settle into the school and for us to get to know them before they submit applications. However, we are looking to gauge the interest of our incoming grade 9s via the above form.  Depending on interest, we may begin in the Grade 9 year.

The typical SEAL students will follow the following path:

Grade 9: 

Grade 10: 

Grade 11:

Grade 12: 

Hockey Focused Physical Education credit:


Immunization Updates for new students arriving from outside Peterborough Public Health region:

If you are coming from outside of the Peterborough Public Health region, please ensure updated Immunization information is uploaded directly to Peterborough Public Health at the time of registration: 

Any questions regarding registration, please leave a voicemail for 

Guidance at 705-745-1358 ext. 1025

or email

The personal information contained on the forms is collected in accordance with the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Emergency Response Procedures information is collected for the purpose of responding to a medical emergency and will be reviewed annually. Questions with respect to this information should be directed to the school Principal.