Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a Ministry approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning in a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.). It also assists in their transition from secondary school to apprenticeship training, college, university, or the workplace.  A Specialist High Skills Major enables students to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge in the context of engaging, career-related learning environments and helps them focus beyond graduation to pursuing their post-secondary goals.

St Peter Catholic Secondary School offers eight Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM).   Grade 11 and 12 students are offered the opportunity to take part in these Specialist High Skills programs.  During their Grade 10 and Grade 11 planning meetings, Guidance Counselors will help interested students choose their courses and co-op options for Specialist High Skills Majors.  Each SHSM must have its own two co-op credits, plus the courses associated with that specific SHSM. 

Each SHSM consists of 5 required components:

St Peter C.S.S. offers the following Specialist High Skills Majors:

Arts and Culture

Aviation and Aerospace



Hospitality and Tourism (Culinary Arts)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Sports Excellence and Leadership (SEAL)

*Coming in 2024/25: Jr Sports Excellence and Leadership (SEAL) - See below! 

Why would your student take a Specialist High Skills Major at St Peter C.S.S.?

Jr SEAL Program and Hockey Focus

Interested students can contact the Physical Education Department through this Google Form:


Our Jr SEAL program and hockey focus Phys. Ed. class officially begins in grade 10. This allows grade 9s to settle into the school and for us to get to know them before they submit applications. However, we are looking to gauge the interest of our incoming grade 9s via the above form.  Depending on interest, we may begin in the Grade 9 year.

The typical SEAL students will follow the following path:

Grade 9: 

Grade 10: 

Grade 11:

Grade 12: 

Hockey Focused Physical Education credit:


Here is a link to the Ministry of Education SHSM page: https://www.ontario.ca/page/specialist-high-skills-major 

Contact the Guidance Department for more information.