Chaplaincy Team Leader: Aidan Murphy

As a Catholic Secondary School, St. Peter has the advantage of a full-time chaplain who is available to meet with students. Our chaplain is part of our school ministry to support religious faith development and excellence in learning. This faith development is enhanced through:

Monthly school liturgies; Individual grade retreats; Daily morning prayer. A chapel is also accessible to staff and students for personal reflection and weekly masses.

Students are encouraged to participate in social justice activities.

Our chaplain is also available to counsel students with encouragement, hope, caring, and compassion. This ministry provides students and staff with an environment that is safe and non-judgmental. Our chaplain also acts our liaison with our school parish and priests, Fr. Luis Lapinid and Father Balonwu Okpu at St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral in Peterborough, as well as with charitable organizations, Student and Families in need, and Backpacks for Kids.