Science Department

The Science department at St. Peter has a rich tradition of excellence in science education. The program has produced a countless number of doctors, researchers, engineers, diagnostic imaging technicians, biologists, foresters, chemists and geologists. Focussing on developing the skills needed in post-secondary education assists students in the transition to the next academic level.

With a gender balance of male and female teachers in the department, we both model and re-inforce the role of women in science and the importance of encouraging our female students to pursue studies in this area. We continue to have annual enrollments of female students studying physics, chemistry, and biology that exceed the number of males. Inclusivity is a key to the department’s success.

With over 50 classes of science offered annually, the Science department at St. Peter is able to offer a full complement of science courses at every academic level. Multiple course sections provide flexible timetabling for students, thus ensuring they are able to get the courses they need, when they need them, while still being able to pursue other interests. We offer Science courses inline with the Ontario curriculum at the academic, applied, and locally developed levels in grades 9 & 10, which lead into courses designed for the workplace, college or university pathways in Grades 11 & 12. Several of our courses are supported by our Peer Tutor program to provide additional student support in the classroom environment.

Science curriculum at St. Peter is presented using a variety of methods to foster the creative process thereby engaging all types of learners. Connections between the curriculum and real life application is paramount. This is achieved through lessons, research, projects, demonstrations, and investigations. Connections with curriculum are reinforced through field trips and science opportunites beyond the school such as:

    • Working as student leaders at the annual Peterborough Children's Water Festival

    • Involvement in local/regional Earth Day activities

    • Participating in the annual Peterborough Engineering Society Challenge

    • Participation in the Peterborough Regional Science Fair

    • Participation in a STEM project between St. Peter Science department, and both the Faculty of Education at Trent University, and the Forensics Science faculty