St. Peter has a strong school spirit. Students participate in many aspects of school life, and share a sense of community. We have a reputation of being an outstanding school with events and activities that allow students to shine and reveal their strengths and talents.


School assemblies bring students and staff together to celebrate successes and discuss important school issues.


Dances occur four to five times a year. We host a dance for Grade nine students, and additional dances to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and one in the spring. As part of our school's Code of Conduct, students are expected to:

    • Help make dances positive social experiences.

    • Be in regular attendance on the day of the dance.

    • Not leave and return to any dance.

    • Comply with all school rules i.e. consumption of alcohol and/or use of drugs are not tolerated

Students are not permitted to attend a dance if they were not present in school on the day of the dance. Students under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be subject to charges by the police and parents/guardians will be contacted. Students under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be suspended from school and will lose dance privileges for one calendar year.

Want to see pictures from the photobooth at Spring Fling 2022? Click here but you'll need the password. Listen to announcements for the password.


Students are encouraged to become involved in the planning of their year-end formal. This year's prom will be held in May/June.

Formals are zero tolerance events. No alcohol or drugs may be consumed or used, regardless of a student's age.


    • You risk being denied access or being sent home if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. School consequences apply and charges may be laid.

    • Do yourselves and friends a favour: if a driver is intoxicated, take his/her keys. Don't let them drive themselves or others.


    • Be aware of pre/post formal parties, location, supervision and transportation plans.

    • Consider providing cab vouchers/phone cards for safe arrival/emergencies.

    • Be aware of liability issues if you serve/condone the consumption of alcohol. You could be held liable for any injuries or damage caused by or sustained by an impaired guest, even after they leave.

Students and their parents might consider getting and signing a Call Me Contract, sponsored by Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID), available at the Health Unit.

We hope these reminders will assist in everyone having a safe and enjoyable senior formal.

For additional information on our school's events and activities, visit our Calendar.