Mathematics Department

A strong understanding of Mathematical concepts will allow students to excel in many other disciplines and provide them with the tools necessary to navigate our ever changing world!

The Mathematics department at St. Peter CSS is committed to helping all students reach their full potential as lifelong learners and contributors to the society in which they live. To help students with their learning teachers utilize technology, provide assistance to students outside of class time, and facilitate enrichment opportunities.

Why Mathematics at St. Peter CSS?

  • We offer a full complement of courses, in excess of 40 sections per year, allowing students to find the pathway and course which best suits their learning style.

  • We offer enriched mathematics classes, beginning in grade 9, through the AP program.

  • Students have the opportunity to take part in mathematics contests prepared by the University of Waterloo

  • Teachers within the department collaborate closely with each other to ensure consistency in curriculum delivery and assessment practices.

The Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) program at St. Peter CSS offers motivated students the opportunity to take a sequence of courses filled with challenging content and enrichment. The program culminates with the examination of university-level Calculus while still in high school. In the spring of their grade 12 year students will complete an Advanced Placement Examination prepared by the College Board which could result in a university credit. For further information please refer to the package attached.

University of Waterloo CEMC Contests

CEMC contests are written by students around the world. Participating in a mathematics contest helps students develop invaluable skills, like creative problem-solving and big-picture thinking.

CEMC contests can help students:

  • discover and grow a love of mathematics and computer science,

  • apply knowledge in novel situations, and

  • make connections across topics in mathematics and computing.