Investment Club

What is the St. Peter Student Investment Club?

This club provides its members with the opportunity to discover the world of investing. Members learn about, and discuss, topics such as the stock market, bonds, ETFs, real estate and many others. The members of the club also get to participate in the St. Peter Investment Challenge.

What is the St. Peter Investment Challenge?

The St. Peter Investment challenge presents each member of the Investment Club with the opportunity to get real experience in buying and selling shares on North American stock exchanges. Each member receives a starting fund of $50,000 virtual dollars. We then make use of an online simulator which allows participants to buy and sell shares at actual market prices. Members have the year to see how much money they can make. The member who makes the most money by the end of the year wins!

How do I Join the St. Peter Student Investment Club?

New members are always welcome! Simply get a parent to sign your permission form, return it to Mr. Carroll, and come to our meetings which are held twice a month in room 2037.

If you have any questions about the club feel free to contact Mr. Carroll at

Club Overview - St. Peter Investment Club

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