Hospitality and Family Studies

St. Peter CSS is a SHSM Hospitality School!

SPSS Hospitality Program Overview:

St. Peter Catholic Secondary is proud to offer a top-notch Hospitality & Tourism program from Grades 10 through 12! This exciting program offers students the opportunity to learn in two professional kitchen environments and practice the fundamentals skills of cooking. SPSS Hospitality is lead by Chef Dan Troisi and Ms. Erin Donald. With over 35 years of combined experience, their goal is simple: to deliver industry driven lessons and experiential learning opportunities for all students!

Students will discover a wide variety of lessons and work with nutrient dense ingredients along their culinary journey. They will participate in events and event planning and have the opportunity to work with local Chefs and college affiliates.


What is this highly sought after program?

This amazing certificate program is available to any student who wants to learn cutting edge cooking skills wherever their post secondary destination may lead! This specialized program allows students to experience learning activities in the Hospitality & Tourism sector while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This opportunity for students occurs in their grade 11 and 12 years.

Students receive the following certifications free of charge:

      • WHMIS

      • Standard First Aid Training

      • CPR - Level C

      • Customer Service

      • Events Coordinator

      • Safe Food Handling

      • Basic Tourism

      • Spa Service Etiquette

      • Cook/Line Cook

At graduation, students who complete the SHSM requirements receive a special diploma with a ‘Red Seal’ as well as a record card that outlines all of the sector recognized training and certifications that the student has gained in Hospitality & Tourism.

The SHSM symbol on the diploma lets employers and post secondary education institutions know that students have knowledge, skills and industry-recognized qualifications.

Gr. 10 Hospitality & Tourism Single Credit:

Students begin their culinary adventure in grade 10! This course provides students with opportunities to explore different areas of hospitality and tourism, as reflected in the various sectors of the tourism industry, with an emphasis on food service. Students will study culinary techniques of food handling and preparation, health and safety standards, the use of tools and equipment, the origins of foods, and event planning, and will learn about tourism attractions across Ontario. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the tourism industry. The grade 10 program has its own professionally equipped kitchen/lab.

Gr. 11 Hospitality & Tourism Dual Credit:

Students enrolled in the Gr. 11 program participate in a “Dual Credit Program”. This specialized course enables students to earn industry certifications and to work directly with local Chefs and businesses. Students will earn a total of 3 credits: Gr. 11 Hospitality & Tourism (TFJ3C), World Religions (HRF30) and Basic Culinary Techniques (CULN 31) via Fleming College. Twice weekly, students will work directly with a Chef instructor from Sir Sandford Fleming College in St. Peter’s professionally constructed industrial kitchen lab.

Students learn to calculate costs, yields and nutritional information, utilizing the standardized recipe. Students successfully apply principles and techniques involved in the quantity and preparation of a variety of salads, dressing, sauces, stocks and soups to name a few!

Gr. 12 Hospitality & Tourism Single Credit:

This capstone course invites students to focus on advanced food preparation techniques and presentation skills. Students will utilize St. Peter’s industrial kitchen lab to discover and experience subjects including; career paths in the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Event Planning and execution, Food & Nutrition, Recipe & Menu planning and Customer Service Skills to name a few. This is an industry driven class with a focus on experiential learning opportunities and the Culinary Arts.


My name is Mya Gerelus and I started my culinary journey in grade eleven with the dual credit hospitality program . I learned so much from working two periods a day with Chef Rose and twice a week with Fleming college professor Chef Renato Zegarra. I learned advanced practical culinary skills as well as theoretical concepts. By the end of the program not only was I highly experienced working in an industrial kitchen, I also gained skills and qualifications to carry with me outside of high school. Now a grade twelve student, I am a Specialist High Skills Major student, certified in food handling, fine dining, etiquette, customer service, front of house and back of house service, spa etiquette, line cook, and WHMIS. This course helped get me on track with my career path, and I am currently planning on pursuing a career in culinary post secondary, and thanks to experience and qualifications gained during my time as a part of the hospitality program, I have received early acceptance at all colleges I've applied to. I’m so happy I seized this opportunity, and I encourage others to do the same.

Hi, my name is Lena Simmonds. I was first introduced into the culinary world through my grade 11 dual credit program with St. Peters and Fleming College. Through that program, I got to spend two periods of my day working with Chef Rose, and Chef Renato from Fleming. They taught me everything I know, from basic knife skills to advanced culinary theory. I gained certifications in Food Safety that allowed me to obtain a job that involves food handling. This year I am in the grade 12 Hospitality and Tourism course with Chef Rose. I have worked side by side with Chef Rose, as well as our student teacher, Chef Dan from Queens University, to gain more certifications. These have allowed me to expand my resume and gain more hands on experience. Although I am not planning a career in Culinary, these courses have given me all of the skills needed for me to successfully support myself when I live on my own one day. I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in Culinary, as well as anyone who wishes to gain experience and learn how to prepare healthy, cost efficient meals when living on their own.