Hairstyling/ Aesthetics

Hairstyling & Aesthetics (Cosmetology)

Welcome to Hairstyling and Aesthetics (known as Cosmetology) at St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary. We are so blessed and proud to have one of the most modern and up to date salon/spas classrooms that facilitates students learning skills in both hairstyling and aesthetics. With 24 + individual styling stations, four shampoo stations, a colour bar, manicure and pedicure areas and music playing in the background, students get a true feeling of what it is like to work in the industry. Visiting post secondary institutions, participating at the Ontario Skills Trade competitions, and attending workshops and hair shows, students gain valuable experiences they can take beyond high school.

Ms. Finn creates an inclusive environment where students feel comfortable to be themselves. Her focus is to provide students with the skills and cross curricular knowledge to perform professional hair or aesthetic services on mannequins and clients. Whether students are looking to go into a career or they simply want to explore options in the skills trades, this is a great course for everyone!

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Top 5 reasons to take a technology course such as cosmetology at SPCSS

1. You will learn skills that you can use to get better marks in your other school courses.

2. You will gain practical hands-on skills that you can use in the “real world”.

3. You will build relationships in the class, in the school and in the community while sharing the skills you learn.

4. The skills and knowledge you develop in cosmetology class will be useful after high school.

5. You will learn from a teacher who has industry qualifications and experience.


This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills related to hairstyling and aesthetics, including hair, makeup, nail and skin care applications. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues and trends in the industry. Prerequisite: NONE.


This course presents hairstyling, make-up and nail care techniques from a salon/spa perspective. Through a variety of school and community-based activities, students learn fundamental skills in the industry providing a variety of hairstyles, manicures and facials and exploring some special Fx applications. Students also consider related environmental and societal issues and explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the field of hairstyling and aesthetics. Prerequisite: NONE.


This course provides students with opportunities to learn techniques in hairstyling and aesthetics that meet industry standards, using appropriate materials and equipment. Students will identify trends in the hairstyling and aesthetics industry; describe scientific and physical processes used in beauty services; learn to respect environmental, health, and safety laws; and explore career opportunities. This course covers both hairstyling and aesthetics expanding skills in hair colour, gel nail application, axing, hair cutting, special effects, fantasy makeup and so much more! Prerequisite: NONE.


This course enables students to develop increased proficiency in a wide range of hairstyling and aesthetics services. Working in a salon/spa team environment, students strengthen their fundamental cosmetology skills and develop an understanding of common business practices and strategies in the salon/spa industry. Students expand their understanding of hair cutting and colouring.

The Voices of Previous Students

My name is Emma Behan and I am a graduate of St.Peter's class of 2012. I am currently a licensed hairstylist with 6 years of industry experience. The hairstyling program at SPCSS was the first step to pursuing my passion for hairstyling. Outside of the endless amounts of knowledge gained from the course theory and hands-on methods, I was given many opportunities outside the classroom to assist me in understanding the industry and help me build confidence. I was able to provide beauty services to the community, participate in many organized school events such as theatre productions and spa days and was fortunate to compete in the Ontario skills competition. This course is the reason that I was able to confidently choose to pursue the next step in schooling at an Ontario college and then passing my certificate of qualification exam allowing me to be certified in a red seal trade. Any young person interested in the hairstylist trade or any related trades will gain so much experience and knowledge from this program which will help them along their way to their own individual success.

My name is Victoria Junkin, and I graduated SPCS in 2012. I am currently a licensed hairstylist & aesthetician. The cosmetology program at SPSS gave me the opportunity to experience what it would be like pursuing a career in the hairstyling/aesthetics work force. I was very fortunate to graduate with a partial scholarship that I received from Ms. Finn to a local hairstyling/aesthetics program. After working in the industry for 3 years I decided to continue my work in a home based setting where I am able to combine my passion for work with the comfort of being home with my children. I now own 2 businesses, providing mobile hair & makeup services for special events, weddings etc and providing esthetics services in my home-based mini spa. I highly recommend the cosmetology program at SPSS for those looking to pursue a career in either the hairstyling trade or as an aesthetician. The 3 years I spent in the program was extremely rewarding & has provided me with endless opportunities, ideas & drive to continue moving forward in the industry & in my career. My relationship as a mentor and friend with Ms. Finn continues today.