Business Studies

Business Studies

St. Peter Secondary has become a destination for Business Studies education. The program is led by Mr. Steve Carroll, who has been teaching Business Studies for over 20 years. He brings his educational and work experience to the classroom to help students embrace this very important topic.

The students in our Business program have the opportunity to enroll in a wide selection of courses that will help them prepare for involvement with businesses in their futures. On top of that, St. Peter is home to one of the few student investment clubs. Please click here for more details on the Investment Club.

Grade 9 and 10

BBI1O/BBI2O - The Introduction to Business - This course is offered in both Grade 9 and 10. This course lays the foundation for students by exposing them to concepts such as marketing, accounting, forms of business ownership, economics, international business and human resources. This course typically acts as a catalyst for the students, most of whom end up taking several of the senior level Business Studies courses as they recognize the importance of building their knowledge.

BTT1O/BTT2O - Information and Communication Technology in Business - This course is offered in both Grade 9 and 10 and allows students to gain a full understanding of how to use the advanced features of software commonly used by businesses. This includes word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases, web design and e-commerce software to name a few. The nice thing is that this exposure to the advanced features of these programs proves very useful to students as they complete work in other courses at the secondary and post-secondary level.

Grade 11

In Grade 11 the students have the opportunity to enroll in two great courses.

BDI3C - Entrepreneurship:The Venture - This course helps students understand what it takes to start, and run their own business. Beginning with instruction in ideation as a starting point, the course guides the students through the varied issues involved in getting a business up and running. These issues include creating a business plan, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, securing financing, promoting a business, analyzing the competitive environment, performing market research etc. This course is great not only for those hoping to one day start their own businesses, but also for those who aim to excel within the workplace by demonstrating their “intra”preneurial skills.

BAF3M - Financial Accounting Fundamentals - This course introduces students to the world of accounting. Students walk away from this course equipped with the ability to speak the language of business and the competence to set up and run a basic accounting system for a small business. Students learn the importance of financial controls within businesses and quickly form the understanding of the important role that accountants play in most decisions made within their organizations. This course has led many students on the path to an exciting career in accounting and many other areas of business.

Grade 12

There are two exciting courses in Business Studies available in Gr 12

BBB4M - International Business Fundamentals - This course introduces the students to the unique issues that arise when a business becomes involved in international dealings. Topics include the impact of culture, trade barriers, trade agreements, logistics and supply chain issues, the role of currency valuations, politics and economics to name a few. This course allows students to move forward with a broader grasp of the world of business and move the student’s understanding beyond their own communities.

BAT4M - Financial Accounting Principles - This course is specifically designed for those students who have already taken the Gr 11 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M0 course. In fact, that course is a prerequisite for this one. This course focuses on building on the progress students have made in that course. The students will walk away from this course with an understanding of the difference in accounting procedures for the varied forms of business ownership (sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations). They will also become adept at handling the accounting for businesses with various merchandise valuation and depreciation methods. Completing this course sets the students up for success as they progress towards further business studies education at the post secondary level. The course is also great for any future entrepreneur who hopes to be able to effectively participate in discussions relating to the accounting aspects of their business.